Creative Director and Founder of BYBIRD, Ben Birdwell. 

Creative Director and Founder of BYBIRD, Ben Birdwell. 

BYBIRD grew out of the desire to create high quality products and foster lasting relationships. From raw material to finished goods we aim to impact the hands that touch our products all along the line: from start to finish. Our desire is to build a company founded on the ideal that people matter. We hope to create products that not only benefit the environment, but that also create jobs, opportunities, and sustainable living for humans around the world.


Building Global Good

We exist to not only make great products but to also give back to the community. A portion of your purchase from Bybird is donated to the following charities.


GOODWORKS Development


GoodWorks is dedicated to investing in the invisible : orphans, adults with special needs and ethnic minorities through vocational training. We design, develop and implement unique social and economic programs throughout the globe, each designed to empower the overlooked, and lift up the marginalized.

Together they build job training programs for the orphaned, the marginalized and the fiscally insecure. They build vertically integrated programs, allowing purchases to support programs, and re-investing the profits do to even more. When you support GoodWorks Development, you're creating opportunities for those who've been made invisible. You're changing lives through education and you're changing life trajectories from tragic to hopeful.



Jasper House Haiti is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working in Jacmel, southeast, Haiti. Jasper House Haiti seeks to turn oppression, tragedy, and misfortune into opportunities for empowerment and renewal for young women in Haiti who have fallen prey to the bonds of prostitution, sexual abuse and exploitation.

They strive to help women realize their abilities to rise above oppression and defeat, and become champions of change within their homes, communities and nation. This is accomplished through whole-person, holistic care that emphasizes restoration, education and empowerment. They offer a one-year, transition program that provides psychologic care, assistance with education, and job training in the mediums of art and jewelry making, sewing, and the cultivation natural body products, which are in turn made into items sold in partnership with our social business initiatives. Their goal is to raise and empower women to find freedom from the tragedies of their past and discover their true value, worth, and purpose.